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Our seamless localization work flow guarantees your localized interfaces to be the most accurate, appealing and usable to your target audience. Our work flow includes the following steps:

1. Project Estimate

At this stage, one of our experienced project managers will review your project and give you a detailed breakdown project estimate.

2. Project Scheduling

Once the estimate is approved, the assigned project manager will work with you to schedule the intermediate and final deadlines for each task. We strictly keep on this schedule to guarantee ontime delivery of your project.

3. User Analysis

If requested, the assigned project manager will conduct user analysis and cultural consulting services for your project. This is extremely important to the success of your project in a foreign culture. We recommend that you do it on all your projects geared to foreign users.

4. Translation

Once scheduled, the assigned project manager will work with our translation and editing team on content translation.

5. Localization & Engineering

As the text blocks are being translted, the assigned project manager will work with our cultural consultants and engineers to localize any graphics, elements and functions according to the thinking models and customs of the target culture your project is localized for. This step guarantees your interfaces are appropriate and appealing to your target users.

6. Testing & Debugging

At this stage, the assigned project manager will work with our experienced testers to test the localized interfaces extensively. The testing includes linguistic reviewing, functionality testing, usability testing and so on. We will debug and provide testing and trouble shooting reports. This step will happen iteratively until the end of the project.

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