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Usability -- the capability of the software product to be understood, learned, used and attractive to the user, when used under specific conditions.

We all use interfaces in our everyday living, such as television remotes and software applications. We all have experienced that some interfaces are very confusing while others are easy to learn and use. The ease and speed of how people learn to use a product to accomplish their tasks is called "usability".

Usability Testing -- improves usability by watching and analyzing how users perform these tasks.

In a usability test, a usability specialist will ask a few target users to use a software or web site as they would in their real life and work. By measuring task completion time, mistake counts and analysing the users' logic and preference in performing the tasks, usability specialists will recommend how to make your project easier to use for the users.

Many large companies, such as Microsoft and IBM, spend millions of dollars on usability testing because it provides information far more valulable than the investment. We can provide the same services to your localized products and enhance their chance of success in the international market.

Even if your product has been tested during the process of development, please be aware that new usability problems will appear during the localization process. Let our experts help you on the test planning, user recruiting, test conducting and result reporting!


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