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A premier provider of multilingual services in the Pacific Northwest, OpenWorld is proud to offer the industry's shortest turn-around times for translation projects. OpenWorld approaches translation with the flexibility, response time, and personalized service of a small business and the translation capacities and pricing scales of a global enterprise. Our international network of over 1500 specialized linguists delivers high-quality translations in over 50 languages and a broad range of industries or subject areas.

Fast and Personalized Service

we customize our services according to your needs. If you are under a tight deadline, OpenWorld can arrange translation of 25,000 words a day per language within 2 hours. However, if your project is less urgent, you can take full advantage of our low-cost standard rates. An experienced and responsible project manager is assigned to work with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Seamless Quality Assurance

OpenWorld guarantees the accuracy, consistency and style of our translations. Unlike a few other companies, we do not compromise quality to meet a deadline - we understand that a low-quality translation reflects badly upon you.

We continuously ensure superior quality with quality assurance procedures. All translation deliverables are translated and edited by at least 2 teams of native speakers who specialize in the subject matter. Our inhouse editing process ensures the formatting is exactly the same as the orginal document.

OpenWorld translators are carefully screened and evaluated. Please see details of our translator qualifications and our evaluation process.


OpenWorld operates with the most cost effective model. Years of experience have streamlined our workflows, which allows us to process multiple projects simultaneously. As a result, our rates are competitive.

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