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Web site localization consists of the localization of content, forms, images, audio and video files. Address and telephone number forms, for example, need to be changed from the American format to the format of your target country. Sometimes, a country has marketing laws that do not allow the use of superlatives such as best unless you can prove that your product truly is the "best" and easiest to use in its category. Our localization teams are familiar with these country-specific issues and create Web sites that are culturally adapted, not just translated.

Software localization is the cultural adaptation of applications and programs to a foreign market. This includes the translation and localization of the user interface, online help, content, images, packaging, handbooks, and CD-ROM or disk labels. In addition, OpenWorld provides consulting services for the globalization of code. Remember: a product must be globalized and localizable to create a great, cost-efficient localized version.

OpenWorld uses several in-house localization tools as well as TRADOS 5.0. We employ processes to find potential globalization issues before the localization start date and to ease bug-fixing work, auto-translation to speed up translation tasks, and consistency checks to ensure consistent terminology and phrasing throughout the product. Our terminology process includes creating a client and product-specific glossary and clearing all high-level terms such as menu items and product names with the client¡¦s marketing department. Depending on your preference, we can adhere to standard computer terminology and phrasing, or localize your product according to its specific image, style, and feel.

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